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After migrating from my virtual machines back to a physical server, because of I/O reasons, i chose to install Debian "squeeze". Unfortunately it seems as if it's getting more difficult with every new kernel to get a Fritz!Card USB to work.

This post by 'comolik', although on a SuSE forum, helped me compile the module after spending countless hours trying to figure it out myself.

$ wget http://opensuse.foehr-it.de/rpms/10_3/src/fcusb2-0.1-0.src.rpm
$ rpm2cpio fcusb2-0.1-0.src.rpm | cpio -i
$ tar -xzf fcusb2-suse93-64bit-3.11-07.tar.gz
$ mv fritz fritz_64
$ wget http://opensuse.foehr-it.de/testing/fritzusb2.tgz
$ tar -xzf fritzusb2.tgz
$ cp fritz_64/lib/fcusb2-lib.o fritz/lib/
$ cd fritz
$ sudo make
$ sudo make install

I didn't exactly follow it, but the essence is using the 64bit module from the RPM with the sources that compile fine under Debian. That was easy...